The land offers precious products. An even truer statement when it comes to truffles, the mushroom with unique characteristics loved for its scent since the time of the Sumerians.

Loved for its particularity since the ancient Romans, the tuber terrae – as it was called – is a very particular mushroom that grows underground, along the roots of oaks and holm oaks. the truffle is so desirable and precious also because it cannot be cultivated. These rough and fragrant nuggets are a real delicacy!

Here are four recipes with truffles to bring exclusive dishes to the table that will impress!

  1. Truffle tajarin. This dish is one of the cornerstones of Piedmontese cuisine. The tajarin are born in the kitchens of the Langhe farmhouses and since the 15th century they represented a very rich dish due to the large number of egg yolks needed to prepare them. Fresh egg pasta, a knob of butter and the truffle cut very thin and sprinkled on the plate just before eating. A real treat.
  2. Risotto with truffle. It is a delicious first course, enhanced by the scent and flavor of the precious black truffle strips. The recipe is easy, just a simple risotto alla parmigiana, the white one prepared with rice and broth, creamed with butter and Parmesan cheese, and the most precious of mushrooms. Black truffle reduced to thin flakes, directly on freshly served rice.
    The intensity of the truffle is the absolute protagonist of any combination you want to try. This is why it is always very simple preparations that enhance, and are enhanced, by its presence.
  3. Truffle Bruschetta. Simple and tasty, for an appetizer or an aperitif that will conquer even the most demanding palates. Let’s start talking about bread because, if black truffle is the fundamental ingredient of our bruschetta, we must not forget that bread is the “base”, and must be chosen carefully, to avoid ruining the final result. Better therefore a homemade bread, cut into slices of about two centimeters and toasted on the grill or in cast iron. The rest is simple: depending on your tastes and, above all, on the season, you can use Summer Truffle, Uncinato Truffle, or even Precious Black Truffle.
  4. Tagliatelle with Black Truffle. Tagliatelle with truffles are ideal if you want to prepare a delicious and refined first course that will delight the most demanding palates, but really very simple! If you prefer, you can prepare your egg tagliatelle at home, to make a delicious and genuine dish. The preparation will take longer but the result will be excellent.

Well, we just have to wish you a good appetite!